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Dubliners. Ed. Grant Richards, London (Grant Richards) 1914.
Dubliners. Eds. Richard Ellmann / Robert Scholes, New York (Viking) 1967.
Dubliners. Critical edition. Eds. Robert Scholes / A. Walton Litz, New York (Viking) 1969.
Dubliners. With lithographs by Louis le Brocquy. (Lilliput Press) 1992.
Dubliners James Joyce's 'Dubliners': An Annotated Edition. Eds. John Wyse Jackson / Bernard McGinley, London (Sinclair-Stevenson) 1993.
Dubliners. Revised edition. Ed. Hans-Walter Gabler, New York (Viking) 1993.
Dubliners. James Joyce's Dubliners": An Illustrated Edition with Annotations. Eds. John Wyse Jackson / Bernard McGinley, New York (St. Martin's Griffin) 1995.
Dubliners. London (Penguin) 1999.
Dubliners. Intro and Notes: Laurence Davies, Hertfordshire (Wordsworth Classics) 2001. With CD-Rom.