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Flying By the Net: James Joyce in Cyberspace (1) 


"Flying By the Net, designed to be a regular James Joyce Quarterly column, hopes to track the enormous amount of Internet activity that Joyce and his works have inspired." By Michael Groden.

Pleasantly Unique: The Brazen Head 


"At the Brazen Head, you will find a ball of electronic twine to aid you in your travels through the labyrinth of Dedalus. Here you will find information and resources on Joyce and his works, links to other Joyce sites across the Web, and miscellaneous Joycean tidbits. It is my intention to create a comfortable spot where long time enthusiasts of Joyce and those just beginning to read his work may visit and kick back to enjoy exploring the world of this delightfully mad Irishman."

How To Read Joyce (Online Course) (Offline) 


"In this seminar, drawing on his contribution to The Cambridge Companion to James Joyce, Derek Attridge of the University of York, England, and Rutgers University in the US, offers a pathway to Joyce that attempts to bypass the intimidation."

Joyce Country  (Offline)


"An alphabetical list of persons (real, present, absent or imagined) and the places that they inhabit (mostly Dublin)."

Exiles (Offline)  


"An Annotated Bibliography of Exiles and Autobiography."

James Joyce Resource Center 


"The purposes of the International James Joyce Foundation are: to encourage scholarship, criticism, and study of the life, work, and career of the writer whom many regard as the preeminent figure in modern literature, and to enable scholars, critics, teachers, students, and general readers to meet, correspond, learn from one another, and help each other achieve a greater appreciation and understanding of his work."...

Hypermedia Joyce Studies 


"Hypermedia Joyce Studies was founded in 1994 as a refereed journal of criticism and scholarship on the works of James Joyce. HJS publishes all its articles electronically on the World Wide Web and its form of publication makes it different from and a complement to other outlets for Joyce scholarship."

in painted chambers loaded with tilebooks 


"The following links will take you to a wide variety of locations around the world, from a Japanese triva game to photos of Bloomsday in Australia." Very large list.

100+ Joyce Sites on the Web 


100+ Joyce Sites on the Web, maintained by The James Joyce Society. A commented linklist covering portals, organizations, periodicals, texts/criticism, media and research.

Genetic Joyce Studies


"Electronic Journal for the Study of James Joyce's Works in Progress. An initiative of the Antwerp James Joyce Center , University of Antwerp, Belgium."