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Ulysses. Paris (Shakespeare and Company) 1922.
Ulysses. Revised edition. 2 vols. Hamburg (Odyssey Press) 1932.
Ulysses. New York (Random House) 1934.
Ulysses. London (John Lane/Bodley Head) 1936.
Ulysses. New York (Vintage/Random House) 1961.
Ulysses. A Facsimile of the Manuscript. 2 vols. Eds. Clive Driver / Harry, Levin. New York (Octagon) 1976.
Ulysses. A Critical and Synoptic edition. 3 vols. Ed. Hans-Walter Gabler et.als. New York/London (Garland) 1984.
Ulysses. The Corrected Text. Ed. Hans-Walter Gabler, new preface by Richard Ellmann, London (Bodley Head) 1986.
Ulysses. Annotated Student's Edition. Notes and intro by Declan Kiberd. Harmondsworth (Penguin) 1992.
Ulysses. The 1922 Text. Ed. Jeri Johnson, Oxford (Oxford University Press) 1993.
Ulysses. Ed. John Kidd, with intro by Denis Donoghue, Dublin (Lilliput) 1995.
Ulysses. Dublin (Lilliput) 1997.