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Joyce's "Ulysses" for Everyone 

Author: John Mood | Language: English | File: 19Kb PDF

In this essay, John Mood introduces us to his book "Joyce's 'Ulysses' for Everyone, Or How to Skip Reading It the First Time". Far from being obsessed with detail yet scholarly in his writing, John Mood looks at "Ulysses" from a very refreshing and even passionate perspective, placing plot and style and humour at the center of attention. This is a book with which to re-discover the beauty of "Ulysses" with its "prose that is funny and sexy, and breathtakingly poetic as well." Further info here.

Das 'Hades'-Kapitel 

Author: Carsten Blauth | Language: German | File: 25Kb PDF

As Leopold Bloom travels with the funeral procession toward the cemetery to attend Paddy Dignam's funeral, his mind revolves around the themes of family, life, death and religion. This essay analyzes these reflections that add considerably to the character's depth.

A Chronology of Bloom 

Author: Horst Breuer | Language: English | File: 15Kb PDF

A chronology of the Bloom family, from the birth of Leopold in 1866 up to Bloomsday in 1904.

Ulysses synopsis 

Author: Horst Breuer | Language: German | File: 21Kb PDF

A chapter by chapter synopsis of Ulysses, indicating the Homeric parallels, place and time of the action, the main characters and prevailing style. Based on the Penguin editions 1968/1986.

Ulysses Tables 

Author: Split Pea Press | Language: English | File: 230Kb PDF

"This Adobe Acrobat document contains tables collating English language editions of James Joyce's Ulysses to the page number system adopted by the Hans Walter Gabler's edition of 1984."

Dublin Evening Telegraph, 16 June 1904 

Author: Split Pea Press | Language: English | File: 536Kb PDF

A digital recreation of the 16 June 1904 edition of the Dublin Evening Telegraph, in pink.