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Joyce's "Ulysses" for Everyone, Or How to Skip Reading It the First Time 


As the title suggests, John Mood's book offers a very refreshing change from a sometimes over-meticulous and over-serious scholarly perspective. The author takes a step back and talks with unusual passion about what he considers "the funniest, sexiest and most exciting novel ever written". Mood's book is especially suitable for those who say "yes i said yes i will finish reading this book".

The Internet Ulysses by James Joyce edited by Jorn Barger 


This is a huge page, including chapter-by-chapter summary, links to Joyce's schemata, Bloom timeline. The list goes on and on.

Notes on James Joyce's Ulysses 


This page supplies a concise overview of the 'schemas' of each episode in Ulysses, i.e. time, scene, organ, art, colours, symbol, technique and correspondence.