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A James Joyce Bibliography

Dear Joyceans,

I launched this site in 2004. And I have worked on it (in an on-and-off-mode) for almost 20 years.

So, after almost two decades serving anyone with an interest in James Joyce and his works, I felt that a fresh coat of paint seemed to be needed.

Still, at heart, this is a James Joyce bibliography website.

It contains more than 1000 books and articles on Joyce's major works, making it one of the most extensive ressources on the web for Dubliners, Portrait of the Artist, Ulysses and Finnegans Wake.

Besides the purely bibliographical material, I have received several very interesting contributions from American and German Joyce scholars, for which I am deeply grateful.

I am excited to share with you contributions like Essays on Ulysses or Essays on Finnegans Wake and two Essays on Dubliners I wrote at Trinity College.